About Us

The four H’s of 4H stand for and are represented by:
Head - learning planning, organizing and decision making skills.
Heart -developing teamwork skills and compassion for others.
Hands -participating in community service projects to benefit others.
Health -building self-confidence, developing responsibility and other important life skills.

We believe in instilling the above beliefs in each member that will put them in good stead for their time within the corps, while having fun in the process! Cornerstones of 4H are to help develop life skills and learning through experiential education, guided by instructors/mentors throughout their time with the corps. We hope to encourage each member’s musicianship while they enjoy working/playing/performing as a team!

The corps holds elections every year for peer officers to lead the corps, and they vote on how the proceeds that they garner from events are to be reinvested within the corps. For example, our last major investment was a matched set of drums for the corps.

We enjoy supporting the fife and drum community by attending musters and events hosted by other fife and drum corps. We have many corps that we consider our dear friends and often perform in joint concerts/events with them. We encourage members to further their learning and to make new friends by attending events like the Company of Fifers and Drummers Junior Fife and Drum Camp, the Middlesex County Volunteers Junior Workshop, and the Old Guard Junior Workshop, all learning experiences led by some of the most advanced groups in the genre and intended on building the knowledge of the fife and drum folk tradition as well as building a sense of community and making new friends between the groups! Our members make friends for life at some of these events, as many of our alumni can attest.